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Working with hundreds of Small Business owners for the past decade has given us a great understanding of their needs. We offer cost-effected solutions for your business or organization of every size.

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Every business has needs, with over 12 years of experience, we have worked with almost every type of business; created successful solutions. Lets us show you what we can do.

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You can't stay in business if you can't keep up. We are always looking forward and resaaching the latest in web technology to give our clients the competitive advantage. We do this so you don't have to.



Erin Read: Speaker, researcher and auth

I've been extremely pleased with the results we've gotten with 26 North's highly flexible content management system. The team takes time to understand the strategy Creating Results defines for each client. They then customize the CMS functionality to make the most of our award-winning designs. The finished sites are powerful and friendly to both search engines and our target demographic, Baby Boomers and beyond.

David Clark Frauenheim and his team are incredibly patient and responsive. You can rely on their code and their customer service. David goes above and beyond on every request - he's a true partner and one I'm happy to recommend.

Andrea Stieff: Owner of Bosom Buddy Bag

I hope that everyone has a hero to their's important to trust professionals who can advance your operations. We found that in David. Our business is a small ,women operated handbag design company. We do very complex custom designs that can be considered 'one of a kind' in many circumstances. We needed a website that could accommodate our vast array of options in a manageable format. David 'gets us' .

He's patient, don't underestimate the power of patience, especially dealing with people who know far less than you! He's smart and he's creative, both qualities needed when we tell him some of our crazy requests! David also is responsive, let me repeat that HE IS RESPONSIVE!!! I can't tell you how many people we deal with who are just too busy to answer an email or a phone call in a timely manner. I have learned from him, when dealing with our clients, that even the 'stupidest' questions to me, are not stupid questions to my customers...and I have asked him some 'stupid' questions ! Add that to the responsive quality. David replies and he does it quickly and he does it with helpful answers and he doesn't make me feel stupid!! which , when it comes to technology I AM! .

We have seen our business improve with the newly designed website which is imminently flexible and designed to our requirements..nothing is 'out of the box.' We're gearing up to update it again very soon and I anticipate another rash of questions, which I know David will answer in his professional manner. We literally could not run our business without him. Thank you!!!

Eldad Moraru, Owner Take Five Meditatio

I have to give a major shout out to David Frauenheim for an unbelievable job done on my, now live, website for my new biz venture Take Five Meditation. Have a look for  yourself and tell me it’s not fab…

David was, and is, a delight to work with. Always promising big and then over delivering. He’s responsive, timely and reliable. His insight was invaluable.

Thank you David!!!

Mike Stakem: Director of Creative Services

We've worked with David and 26 North Media on several websites over the past 10 years. David takes our designs and works with us to create custom solutions to make our clients' websites the best they can be. David's knowledge of the latest web technologies makes working with him both educational and efficient. And David's patience and overall kind manner make working with him a complete pleasure. I would highly recommend David's company to anyone looking for a quality, value solution for their web presence.

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